We handcraft single-origin chocolate from bean to bar.

Who: Craft Chocolate Pioneers

We are one of the first craft chocolate makers in the country. Pioneering the bean-to-bar approach, our team take cacao and make it into chocolate from scratch at our Sheffield based factory.

Following in the footsteps of other craft sectors such as coffee and beer. We use small-batch techniques to capture the distinct tastes and nuances from beans of specific origin. Making award-winning, delicious chocolate with flavours that are totally unique.

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  • Hot Chocolate

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  • Sourced with transparency and integrity.

    We believe farmers properity is a key ingredient in good chocolate. Working with trusted partners and cooperatives, we're able to closely support smallholder cacao growers and ensure traceability across our supply chain.

  • Only the best will do.

    The lengths we take to make our chocolate are by no means a simple feat. We champion the "bean-to-bar" approach. Our makers take the cacao through a series of complex steps to produce a finished bar of superior quality chocolate. We're proud that our efforts have been recognised with a Gold Award from The Academy of Chocolate.

  • Your customers love a good story, so tell one.

    Add another layer to your customer experience by sharing the story of our growers, and the incredible journey to make the chocolate used in our products. We're fast becoming the chocolate of choice for many of the top food outlets and shops in the UK. Supplying over 6 Michelin Guided or Starred restaurants, and luxury retailers such as Chatsworth House and The Royal Mint.

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Goal: Raise the bar

When we set out in 2016, there were only a handful of companies genuinely making chocolate from scratch in the UK. It's a relatively new concept to most. Be the first to share the qualities of craft chocolate and blow your customers away.

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